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Rodney explains police strategies

With public interest in the state of police investigations into the murder of Customs Officer, Nigel Christian still high, police say there are good reasons why they can’t reveal too much information at this time.
This response from the police comes as unease in some quarters of society over the homicide remains elevated.
Police Commissioner, Atlee Rodney, said he appreciates the public’s desire for information on the progress in the case however, the police have to weigh that concern with the need to maintain confidentiality regarding the information in hand.
“We must also bear in mind that potential suspects are listening to radio broadcasts as sometimes we have those conversations as though suspects are not listening; but they are listening to hear where we are with our investigations and other key facts about our case,” he remarked.
The commissioner indicated that police have been ‘quite a bit’ of work in the case and he commended his officers for going the extra mile to ensure a successful outcome.
“I must commend the investigators for the work they have been doing since day one in this case. Every day they go beyond the call of duty to get additional information, interview other persons, record statements or gather things that may be of evidential value later,” he
noted. According to the commissioner with all this work being done, the police are unable to provide too much details as they wish not to ‘show their hands’.
“Some of the people who are of interest are listening, their lawyers are listening and making notes so we have to exercise caution with how we proceed,” he warned.
Rodney repeated his call for patience from the public as the investigation, now more than a month old, continues.
Meanwhile, Nigel Christian’s uncle, Tyrone Hill, says the family is making preparations for his funeral which is scheduled for Thursday 27th August, 2020.
Christian was abducted from his McKinnon’s home on 10th July by four men who were allegedly dressed in army fatigues. Shortly after, his body was discovered in New Winthorpes.
His murder has sparked national outrage and a major investigation is underway to bring to justice those responsible for committing the crime.
Hill said an autopsy was completed two Saturdays ago and the police have given the family the all clear to complete funeral arrangements.
Besides the funeral plans which they have been told they can finalize, Hill said
they have not received very much information from the police regarding the investigation.
Hill said it continues to be an emotional time for the family, especially for one of Nigel’s sisters who resides overseas.
Nevertheless, Hill says they are pressing ahead and remain optimistic that those responsible for murdering his nephew will be arrested and that justice will be served.

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