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Reward For Escaped Murderer Now 50,000

Thursday 8th March, 2018 – Law enforcement officials have further increased the reward for credible information that will lead to the capture of murder accused Delano Forbes.

Several weeks following his escape while in the company of detectives, the police are no closer to capturing the 23 year-old, being described as the vampire killer.

Police have now increased the reward from 10,000 to $ 50,000 and they want to hear from the public, those who may have reliable information.

Forbes who is facing at least three murder charges escaped from police custody on February 12th. He had been transferred to a crime scene in the village of Swetes, as investigations continued into the deaths of three men he’s accused of killing.

He has not been seen since he fled to freedom.

Last weekend, Forbes’ Facebook profile was updated. However, police are unable to ascertain whether the updates were done by the escaped prisoner.

In a statement, the police revealed they have convened a strategic meeting with the Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force in forging the best way forward in relation to the re-capture of the escapee.

Anyone with information relating to the whereabouts of Delano Forbes are being encouraged to contact the Rapid Response unit at telephone number 4645593 or, 4643942/3, or 4646058/ 7209162 or the Criminal Investigations Department.




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