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Residents Urged to Comply With Plastic Ban

Tuesday 26th February, 2019-The Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment is appealing to residents to comply with the ban on importation of single use plastic bags as well as plastic and Styrofoam products.

Portfolio Minister, the Honourable Molwyn Joseph, indicated stiffer fines and penalties are being put in place and will be enforced once the Litter Control and Prevention Bill 2019 is passed.

The bill is at its crucial stage and was passed in the House of Representatives last week. It now heads to the Senate for approval.Banned items include single-use plastic bags, expanded polystyrene Styrofoam food containers including bowls, plates, hot and cold beverage cups, cup lids, plastic straws, clamshell, and hinged lids. It also includes meat trays and fruit trays egg cartons, naked polystyrene coolers, plastic utensils, and any other products made of Expanded Polystyrene and/or polypropylene used for selling or providing food.


Once the bill is passed in the Upper House, signed by the Governor General and gazetted, anyone found in possession of the prohibited products will be subject to severe fines and/or imprisonment.

Officials within the Ministry are expected to facilitate an educational campaign to sensitize the public on the banned items and the specific date on which the Litter Control and Prevention Bill will come into effect.


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