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Residents Demand CBH Publishes Names of Unsanitary Eateries

Tuesday 9th April, 2019-There are calls from a wide cross section of the public for the authorities to publish the names of restaurants and other eateries that are found in violation of health standards.

It comes after the Central Board of Health announced today that eleven food service establishments were asked to immediately discontinue the preparation of food for sale to the general public after inspections between January to April, 2019 revealed a long list of infractions.

The violations found were:

  • No food safety training/invalid food handlers badge
  • No hand washing station (hands are not washed between task)
  • No hot or cold holding device (Food held in the danger zone)
  • No personal protective equipment is worn (hair restraints, apron)
  • Improper handling of food (issue of cross-contamination)
  • Filthy kitchens (walls and floor laden with grease)
  • Meats being thawed in baths of stagnant water
  • Styrofoam trays which once held raw chicken/meat being used to store ready to eat foods including cucumbers and tomatoes
  • Infestation of flies
  • Presence of live and dead cockroaches, rats and mice droppings

The establishments were ordered closed to enable cleaning, bringing them back up to the code expected by the Central Board of Health.

Owners and operators of food service establishments are being reminded to be aware and seek advice from the department so that remedial actions can be taken to correct any faulty practices.

But the news isn’t sitting well with citizens and residents who are calling for the names of the businesses to be published. Efforts to contact Chief Health Inspector, Sharon Martin to determine the reasons behind the non-disclosure of the restaurants and food shops found in violation of health standards were unsuccessful.

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