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Remaining Barrymore Residents Complying With Moving Order

Monday 13th May, 2019-There are reports that the remaining residents at the Old Barrymore Hotel are cooperating with the authorities who have served them eviction notices.

A source told our newsroom some of the residents there have already left or are leaving, while others have asked for extra time, requests that were granted.

Many of the residents took up occupancy there after they were displaced by Hurricane Irma in 2017. But several Antiguans were also living on the property.

Earlier this year, Barrymore residents were asked to move voluntarily or face eviction. Works Minister Lennox Weston on a visit there revealed repair work was carried out on just about eleven buildings and they are awaiting the departure of the remaining tenants to continue refurbishing the property.


The works minister noted then the government had played its part in providing for Barbudans during their difficult period, but added what has been allowed to go unchecked will not continue.

Following Minister Weston’s visit, the authorities moved in and changed several locks on the units, sparking a standoff with residents. Ministry of Works officials subsequently made clear they were willing to work with the residents there to make their departure as smooth and simple as possible.

The Works Ministry is reporting success for the most part.


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