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Regional Pollster Disappointed in Referendum Results

Wednesday 7th November, 2018-There is continued reaction to the outcome of Tuesday’s referendum in which 52.04% of voters said no to the Caribbean Court of Justice and 47.96% cast a ‘Yes’ vote.

Regional Pollster Peter Wickham in a Cadres opinion Poll conducted in October, had indicated that  Responses to the central question of how persons intend to vote (at this time) IF restricted to those committed to vote either “For” or “Against” demonstrate that the required threshold of 66.6% had narrowly been achieved. However, CADRES had cautioned that the outcome could be affected either by any variation in the margin of error of the poll (+/- 5%) or if the participation of the Barbudan voters (2%) shifts the pendulum away from the “Yes” vote.

Barbudans did shift the pendulum last evening, with 336 persons voting against the CCJ, while 106 voted yes.

Expressing disappointment at last evening’s outcome, Wickham said what the rest of the region has witnessed in Antigua and Barbuda and Grenada, will make it more difficult for the Caribbean Court of Justice to get countries to join in the appellate jurisdiction.

While he remains hopeful that Trinidad and Tobago will join the regional court, Wickham does not share the same feelings about Jamaica, adding wherever there is a referendum there will be a problem. He expressed that the region is not quite ready for such an undertaking.

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