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Ready, set, go!

All systems are go for the National School Meals Programme (NSMP) which has announced that it is ready to provide meals to the country’s students. Primary school students will be
provided for and specific secondary school students. General Manager of the NSMP,
Ezra Knowles, said six thousand students will begin benefiting from the programme today.

“We will start preparing meals from today as we have spent the last several weeks training our staff and putting in place health protocols as we welcome the start of the 2020-21
academic year,” she revealed.

A request to expand the kitchen has not yet been granted, therefore to ensure social distancing, the NSMP has implemented a shift system. This will allow the programme to continue to meet the growing demands for meals. Knowles also revealed that it had
been discovered that some students who transition from primary to secondary school were in need of nutritious meals.

These students have been added to the list of children who will receive a daily meal from NSMP. Currently, the programme which has a three-week food cycle, aims to provide nutritious meals to the students. This week’s menu includes chicken roti and green salad today, stewed chicken with white rice, red bean rice and coleslaw with chicken, spaghetti and meatballs and green salad and chicken burgers with tomato and green salad. Other menu items this week include fish, pork and turkey.

Knowles also disclosed that the NSMP menu now includes vegetarian dishes and options for children with allergies including lactose intolerance. According to Knowles, the NSMP
employs approximately two hundred and twenty persons and serves meals from twenty-eight stations. More than one hundred employees are engaged in serving meals.

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