Quarry Workers Receiving Overtime Payments


Thursday 7th March, 2019-The Ministry of Works has begun issuing overtime payments to Quarry workers as of today.

The delay in payments is being blamed on bureaucratic delays but workers including are receiving payments.

According to Permanent Secretary, Clarence Pilgrim, the Ministry of Works has been working closely with the Ministry of Finance and the Treasury Department to bring the overtime payments up to date.

Mr. Clarence Pilgrim said the Ministry is mindful of the plight of the workers, particularly those in the quarries, thus steps are being taken to ensure that overtime payments are met with some degree of regularity.

He has expressed appreciation to the quarry workers for the patience they have displayed.

Burma quarry employees this week decided they will no longer work overtime, lamenting the long period it takes for them to receive their monies when they work extra hours.

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