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Push for CCJ Not Political

by Pointe FM'S Editor
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Thursday 20th September, 2018-Prime Minister Gaston Browne has reiterated that the upcoming referendum on the Caribbean Court of Justice is not a political one and should be viewed instead as the government seeking to make justice available to average Antiguans and Barbudans.

He was addressing attendees at the national dialogue on the regional court held last evening.

Mr. Browne emphasized that the cost associated with accessing the current Apex Court, the London based Privy Council, is far out of reach for many citizens. He says his government cannot be party to a system where the court cannot cater to a large percentage of the population.

The prime minister is optimistic that good sense will prevail and that Antigua and Barbuda will accede to the CCJ.

The Cabinet made a decision to establish a Constitutional Review Commission intended to examine all the issues for constitutional reform.

The list of issues will include all those which the Leader of the Opposition has indicated he would have preferred to be on the CCJ Referendum ballot; the opposition leader will also serve as Deputy Chair of the Constitutional Review Commission. It is anticipated that the opposition will encourage their followers to vote “yes” on the CCJ Referendum. The Review Commission will comprise a broad cross-section of the society to include faith-based organizations, trade unions, business representatives, and youth of both genders.

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