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Public Works Should Be Responsible For Going Under Roads


Wednesday 31st January, 2018 – The Minister of Information and Telecommunications is of the opinion that Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) should not be the ones deciding where and when roads are dug up around the island.

The utilities company is frequently criticized for causing damage to roads no sooner they are fixed. Members of the general public have called for better communication between the Public Works Department and APUA.

Asked whether this is a matter of concern for him, the Hon. Melford Nicholas, who has oversight for the Public Works Department in the absence of Minister Eustace Lake, says he thinks the decision should be made by the Public Works. He is advocating for better coordination between the two departments.

Minister Nicholas has pointed to the need for road repairs to be carried out at night so as to alleviate what can become a traffic nightmare for road users during the day.

Approximately eighteen miles of roads along six major highways and roadways will be re-designed and constructed at a cost of US$66 Million.

Among the areas identified are Sir George Walter Highway (formerly Airport Road), Friars Hill Road, Sir Sydney Walling Highway (formerly Factory Road), Anchorage Road, Old Parham Road and Valley Road North.

Road construction is set to begin on February 15th.

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