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Protesters Demand Resignation of Education Minister

Friday 1st February, 2019-Approximately 40 protesters stood opposite the main entrance to the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology this morning demanding the resignation of Education Minister Michael Browne.

The placard bearing protesters, mainly from the Opposition United Progressive Party called for Minister Browne to face the consequences, in light of the revelation that there were serious procedural issues with the roll out of the E-Book Programme and also the licensing fees with which the government was saddled with a huge bill.

Among those calling for the minister to be penalized for his actions and for an inquiry to be opened into the E-Books agreement was former Minister of Education Dr. Jacqui Quinn.

According to Dr. Jacqui Quinn, there is support for government transitioning to electronic textbooks, but there are serious questions, including copyrights concerns.

Director of Education Clare Browne has reported operations at the Ministry of Education’s headquarters were in no way affected by this morning’s protest action.


Mr. Browne said it was business as normal, while noting that he has no issue with what took place today.

The director this morning met with three of the protesters, Harold Lovell, Richard Lewis and Leon ‘Chaku’ Symister to answer questions they may have had regarding the E-Book Programme.

Speaking on the E-Books matter, the director of education said there was never any shady deal that took place.

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