Prime Minister Gaston Browne Focuses on Investment in Education. Budget 2020


St. John’s Antigua Barbuda, Thursday 23rdJanuary 2020…..“We will not accept an economy where only a few do spectacularly well.”  Prime Minister The Hon. Gaston Browne, in his 2020 Budget Presentation spent a considerable amount of time focusing on the importance of an investment in education.

“My Government is determined to give every person who wants it, the opportunity to climb the ladder to self-improvement, to betterment and to progress. That is why we have placed such great emphasis on improving education and expanding access to all.

We recognize that a better educated, better skilled, more knowledgeable people, will not only benefit from the opportunities in a growing economy; they will also contribute to its widening and strengthening. That is why we will invest tens of millions in the renovation of schools in Antigua and Barbuda.” Prime Minister Browne announced.

PM Browne went on to navigate his presentation on the importance of tertiary education through progressive educational policies.

The Hon. Prime Minister declared that his government is determined to give every citizen of Antigua and Barbuda, regardless of social status, colour or creed a chance for higher education., a chance to certify themselves, and, by so doing, to compete with the best in the world.

PM Browne said, “That is why we are spending millions every year to provide scholarships to 1,600 young people, to pursue various degree programmes. And it is also why we have established the UWI Five Islands campus in Antigua. It was no easy feat. It required many months of hard work and the investment of nearly $20 million, to facilitate a few hundred students to pursue a University education right here in Antigua and Barbuda.”

Prime Minister Browne reiterated that the move in ensuring The UWI Five Island Campus becoming a reality is a monumental and historic accomplishment.

“The opportunity the Five Islands Campus offers, is open to all Antiguans and Barbudans – by birth, descent, naturalization, residency, or by choice. I call on all within our shores, to seize the chance in their own personal interest and in the interest of our nation, that will profit from the greater knowledge and skills they will gain,” PM Browne echoed.

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