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Prime Minister Demands Asot Michael Pays Severance

Monday 4th June, 2018-The mystery surrounding who owns the now folded Caribbean Times Newspaper appears to have been solved by the prime minister.

Several former employees of the newspapers are crying out for compensation in the form of severance owed to them by the owners.

But the question of who is, or are the principals of the defunct publication remains unanswered, since no one is claiming ownership.

That may have changed this morning when Prime Minister Gaston Browne was asked to comment on the matter that is gaining public attention. As you will hear, his response was extremely short but pointed.

According to reports, Antigua Trades and Labour Union is representing the former workers of Caribbean Times.

One source told us just over one hundred thousand dollars is owed severance.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne is not the first government minister who has commented on the plight of the former workers of the newspapers. Recently, reaction was sought from Minister Charles ‘Max’ Fernandez.

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