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Prime Minister Browne Congratulates Mia Mottley

Monday 28th May, 2018 –Prime Minister the Hon. Gaston Browne on Friday last sent a letter of congratulations to newly elected Prime Minister of Barbados, the Hon. Mia Mottley, calling her victory at the polls, remarkable, historic and a landslide.

“This amazing result has certainly exhibited the voice of the electorate, who has stridently spoken and has instilled boundless confidence in your leadership,” PM Browne wrote.

He also congratulated Prime Minister Mottley on becoming the first female Prime Minister of Barbados.  He noted that this will serve as a quintessential model to young women across the region to enter the political arena attaining further strides towards Sustainable Development Goal 5, which speaks to gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls.

“You have certainly made significant strides in your political career and I am confident that as Prime Minister, you will continue to uphold the principles of your party and, now by extension the Government’s vision that will only further transform the nation of Barbados,” Prime Minister Browne’s letter concluded.

Prime Minister Mottley’s Barbados Labour Party (BLP) won the country’s 2018 General Elections claiming all 30 seats in the country’s House of Assembly and unseating the Democratic Labour Party (DLP), which has governed the country since 2008.



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