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Preparations of school plants in progress to welcome back students

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A series of activities is taking place this week at school plants across Antigua and Barbuda ahead of the start of limited in-class learning beginning next Monday.

Director of Education Clare Browne said while only the fourth and fifth form students from the secondary schools and grades five and six from the primary schools are due back in the classroom next week, nonetheless much preparations must take place at each school to welcome them back.

According to Browne, this week the Board of Education will have two main tasks at hand; firstly, it will be distributing laptops to some students and secondly, it will be carrying out inspections of schools to effect minor repairs if and when necessary.

“The B of Ed will be working along with the principals, their senior staff and others to ensure that the schools are properly sanitised and the handing washing stations are all functioning ahead of the reopening,” he explained.

While Browne does not anticipate that there will be much repair work needed at the schools, he said the ministry’s role is to ensure that everything is in place to fully accommodate students on Monday.

During this week, the ministry will reactivate its Safe School Committee that comprises officials of the ministries of education and health who will visit schools to check that all the requirements for the health protocols are in place for the students.

Several thousand students are expected back in the classroom next week as the classes involved include students from both the public and private secondary and primary schools.

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