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Port Chairman Annoyed By Newspaper Article on Shipping Fees

Monday 8th October, 2018-A newspaper article on an increase of shipping fees has irritated officials at the Antigua Port Authority, who are describing it as erroneous and one that is likely to cause panic among those who seek the services of the port.

The article, in the 8th October, 2018 edition of the newspaper, outlines in part that several shipping companies plan to increase their fees to the port next month by more than 100 percent, in response to the port’s impending rise in service costs.

Port Chairman, Senator Mary-Claire Hurst is unimpressed by the article and believes what is emerging is a situation where the port’s management is being placed in the middle, where it does not belong. She says the message being conveyed, has the potential to cause harm to the economy.

Senator Hurst declared that the port is in no way associated with the pending increases of fees by some of the shipping lines. She noted too that what the companies will implement, is what has become the norm for several years.

The port chairman agrees there are circumstances that exist, which can justify the Antigua Port Authority increasing its fees, but they opted against it.

Senator Mary-Claire Hurst is calling for honest reporting on matters of the port, to avoid incorrect information being transmitted to the general public, which in turn can reflect negatively on the operations at Deep Water Harbour.

The port chairman and manager are in Panama, where they are attending the Caribbean Shipping Association’s (CSA) 48th Annual General Meeting, Conference & Exhibition.

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