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PM Stands by Decision to Call Out UNDP Officials

by Pointe FM'S Editor
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Monday 29th January, 2018 – Prime Minister Gaston Browne is standing by his actions last week when he scolded team members of the United Nations Development Programme in Barbuda.

Despite facing criticisms for his actions, the prime minister says he views the actions by the UNDP as a form of “opportunistic promotion”.

He ordered members of the organization assisting in the rebuilding of homes on the sister isle to remove tags that were placed on several buildings the organization claimed they were involved in repairing or. Prime Minister Browne was not convinced and believes the UNDP is taking credit for what it has not done.

Reaction was swift, with certain sections of the public criticizing the prime minister’s actions as unacceptable.

But Prime Minister Browne says he makes no apologies. While it may have been exuberance on the part of the UNDP to place their tags on many of the buildings, Mr. Browne concludes he views their actions as a form of misinformation.

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