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PM Appeals for Cooperation in Achieving Sustainable Global Development

Wednesday 5th December, 2018-Prime Minister Gaston Browne tells the United Nations there must be unified approach in building a transformational model of cooperation for sustainable global development.

Addressing a high-level meeting on middle income countries, the prime minister said countries such as his deemed as middle income or high middle income states are being deprived of concessional loans and grants due to the perception of development. The prime minister in his address highlighted the precarious positions such countries are being placed into as a result of the action taken by developed partners.

The head of government argued that development cannot be measured by per capita income alone. Fair trade, access to finance, anti-competition rules, size, debt burden and vulnerability should be factors that must be considered when measuring a country’s development.

Mr. Browne spoke of the continuous frustration his government faces as it seeks to develop its economy, including the financial services sector. But despite the challenges Prime Minister Browne said he is determined to place his country on a sound footing.

He said  with a unified vision of global development; the international community can help address the development gaps in middle income countries.

Another component that is critical, is a global partnership on debt relief the prime minister added.

He also pleaded for “climate change to be recognized as the demon that it is.”

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