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Pharmacists to Learn More About Medical Cannabis in Canada

Thursday 12th April, 2018 – Two groups of pharmacists, who are citizens of Antigua and Barbuda, are expected to visit to acquaint them with the chemical and other components of medical cannabis so that they may produce the medicines in Antigua.

It is the Cabinet’s determination to license several farms and farmers to grow specified types and quantities of cannabis that will be harvested for processing by licensed laboratories.

The labs will produce medical products from the harvested cannabis that will be sold in Antigua and Barbuda only. The law permitting medical cannabis will be modeled on Canada’s, compelling the training of the pharmacists in Canada.

The estimated revenues to be realized will be sufficient to meet the costs associated with the governmental controls. The cannabis medicines are intended to be utilized by those with various ailments including asthma, diabetes, sickle-cell, epilepsy and other human diseases.

Doctors who will prescribe these new pharmaceuticals will also have to be provided with additional training and education, not unlike the training of doctors which takes place when other new medicines come to market.


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