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Pediatrician to Reveal How Babies Were Burnt

Tuesday 23rd April, 2019-The Minister of Health and Wellness is hoping that in a matter of days, members of the public will hear from Mount St. John’s Medical Centre’s Pediatrician on what exactly led to at least three babies receiving burns while they were patients in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the hospital.

The incidents took place at different times, but one thing was common, the infants sustained burns to their hands and faces.

Attempts by Minister Molwyn Joseph to get hospital authorities to respond to public concerns did not go the way he had hoped. Minister Joseph told reporters this afternoon, the 2009 MSJMC Act only gives him leverage to offer advice and that is what he did, adding the actions thereafter of the hospital’s administration may have left more questions unanswered that can harm the reputation of the healthcare institution.

The health minister says careful handling of the matter is required; otherwise the operations of the country’s lone public hospital could be jeopardized.


Minister Molwyn Joseph revealed disciplinary action is being considered, but he noted the matter will not be done in haste, but rather in a responsible manner.

Government says it takes responsibility for what has happened to the babies and will continue to support them.

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