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PayMeal hits Antigua allowing for food orders and delivers from the palm of your hand

Technological innovation continues to flood Antigua and Barbuda with the launch of the newest meal ordering app – PayMeal.
The release comes form the innovator behind the PayCab transportation app and brings a marriage between transportation and food.
Officially kicking off on February 19th, 2020 the app brings culinary advances in the palm of Antiguan hands and invites restaurants from across the island to join the platform by opening their kitchens to the virtual world. Developer Sherwin Jupiter, who is known for ground breaking mobile applications in and outside of Antigua and Barbuda, says the technology is intended to “bring food to tummies in an instant.”
He said, “I am not the biggest person around but those who know me know I love a good meal. So, this particular mobile app is especially close to my belly.”
The developer cited the settlement of PayCab as the foundation for PayMeal, noting that the reliability of the first will cement the second. He is also known for the development of other apps that include Pointe FM, Misfitz, Caribbean Chronicle, Nice FM, and the Antigua Carnival App, among others.
For users, the application is easy to use. Simply download from Apple App Store for iPhones or the Google Play store for androids and instantly have access to all registered restaurants on board. The app even allows for instant payment via visa or master cards, taking away the hassle of cash transactions and allowing for safe and secured transactions.
Restaurants are also able to compete for “a share of the tummy”, according to Jupiter, and now have the opportunity to develop takeout menus to fit the app, without the hassle of employing delivery service personnel.
To further affirm its greatness, users are able to not only customize meals, but they are afforded the opportunity to, rate meals, tip drivers and, most importantly, provide feedback directly to the restaurants on the quality of their delivered meals.
“What we want to do is allow for an open platform for diets, delivery and communication between restaurants and consumers in a seamless way,” Jupiter said.
The app works much like the popular UberEats by mapping restaurants closest to consumers and providing real time movement of meals from the moment of pickup to the point of delivery.
It allows for three application platforms, all catering to the individual users. These are the user app, PayMeal, the restaurant manager ’s app – PayMeal Manager and the delivery app for drivers – PayMeal Driver. The manager ’s app allows restaurateurs and managers to connect directly with customers through a separate platform where the manager is able to update the order status from “received” to “ready” and (where applicable) “en route”.
So, for individuals sitting at home in their pajamas but craving T-Bone stake cooked medium-well, this can be ordered and delivered where possible or picked up where necessary. Moreover, the app allows for restaurants to freely adjust their opening hours, create delivery-only menus and open pop-up stores, while shifting their marketing online and to social media – instantly expanding their reach and appeal. The app is recommended by most and comes ready to use from the point of download. Even emerging fledgling restaurateurs can open delivery kitchens without the high cost of restaurant fitouts.
PayMeal literally lifts the barrier to market entry and allows for growth and market penetration.
“Technology is growing so rapidly and it was only in developing this particular application that I realized how much we are missing out on when it comes to practicality and usability of applications and mobile phones. Having the power to get from one place to the next with just a few taps is empowering for both the rider and the driver. We are very pleased to bring this self-hosted app to St. Lucia and we look forward to seeing it grow here as much as it has in Antigua,” Jupiter said.
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