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PAWA Dominicana Grounded

Tuesday 30th January, 2018- Citizens of the Dominican Republic resident in Antigua and Barbuda are now without airline services to their country following the grounding of that country’s flag carrier PAWA Dominicana airlines.


The Civil Aviation Department in the Dominican Republic has suspended PAWA airlines’ operations due to serious financial issues.

According to the Curacao Chronicle, the suspension of the license would be for a period of 3 months to see if the carrier would be able to solve their financial issues.

PAWA in a statement has described the airline’s suspension by the Civil Aviation Department in Santo Domingo as far from supporting the development of commercial aviation in the country and it harms the growth of the industry and affects thousands of our passengers to whom the airline wants to provide the best possible service.

PAWA Dominicana says it has always recognized its obligations with all the authorities and to be able to fulfil them the airline must be able to continue flying. The airline is appealing to that country’s President and the Board of Directors of the Civil Aviation Board to reconsider the decision and that they support the airline so that the country can enjoy a stable and efficient Dominican flag airline.

The airlines says it hopes the provision will be reconsidered and that PAWA Dominicana can continue transporting thousands of Dominicans with the quality that characterizes them to be able to fulfil their obligations.

PAWA has noted it will begin reimbursing passengers who have purchased tickets in the coming weeks.

The airline commenced twice weekly service to Antigua via St. Maarten in 2015.

Its grounding will be a major blow to the Hispanic community in Antigua and Barbuda who welcomed PAWA’s scheduled services after LIAT pulled out of Santo Domingo several years ago.


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