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Parham Man Gets Forty Years for Murder

Tuesday 14th May, 2019-A High Court Judge today sentenced a man to prison for brutally murdering a football coach with a cutlass in 2015.

Urcil Martin

Urcil Martin was chopped to death by Elton “Chalice” Charles of Parham, who will now serve 40 years behind bars for the heinous crime.

Following an argument the two men had on 4th May, 2015, accusing each other of stealing fruits, Charles armed himself with a cutlass, broke into Martin’s home and attacked the man and his fiancé.


Martin who was a former footballer was chopped multiple times about his body.  The woman was uninjured after escaping from the cutlass wielding man.

Between the time he was charged for murder and his trial, Charles was ordered to undergo psychiatric evaluation to determine if he was fit to stand trial.

The convicted man was 39 years old at the time he committed the murder.



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