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The Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda, has been informed of the numerous Barbudans who have indicated their readiness to purchase lands in Barbuda.

This comes on the heels of the recently passed Barbuda Land Amendment Act (2017), giving born Barbudans or Barbudans by parentage, the right to purchase their household plots for as low as one dollar. According to Chief of Staff, Lionel Max Hurst, “over one hundred Barbudans have indicated in writing their willingness to accept the offer.”

He also states that a request was made from a Barbudan to acquire a lease with the option to purchase, the land on which he lost his hotel property during the devastating Hurricane Irma on September 5th 2017. Prime Minister Gaston Browne, during his address to the Nation indicated that the recently passed bill, “will unlock the economic potential of the land that had laid fallow for centuries and will provide the citizens of Barbuda with significant economic opportunities, which hitherto, they were denied.” He has previously stated that his government seeks to develop Barbuda the right way.

The Chief of Staff also pointed out that more signed expressions of interest will be gathered by the time the Barbuda Land (Amendment) Act 2017 is gazetted and a date is published for its effective commencement.

The bill was passed in Parliament last week and sent to the Upper House earlier this week where it was debated and passed.

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