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Opposition Leader Withholds Support for CCJ Referendum

Tuesday 11th September, 2018-Despite what appeared to be bi-partisan support for the upcoming referendum on the Caribbean Court of Justice, the leader of the Opposition United Progressive Party in Parliament has sounded off on the planned November referendum, saying he views the efforts as a waste of time and believes there are other areas of priority that should be addressed first.

The Hon. Jamale Pringle, speaking in the House of Representatives earlier today during debate of the Antigua/Barbuda Constitutional Amendment bill 2018, stated in no uncertain terms that he will not support the referendum to adopt the Caribbean Court of Justice as the final Court of Appeal over the London based Privy Council, calling for the referendum to move beyond a single issue.

One of the major concerns the opposition leader said is not being adequately addressed is the perceived influence politicians will have on the court. He believes those who are being called upon to cast that crucial vote in November, are yet to be convinced that the Caribbean Court of Justice will stand independently in the administration of justice.

The referendum on whether the CCJ will become this country’s Apex Court will be held on Tuesday 6th November, 2018.

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