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November Referendum on Caribbean Court of Justice

Thursday 14th June, 2018-Antiguans and Barbudans will have a say on whether the London based Privy Council will be replaced by the Caribbean Court of Justice as this country’s final Court of Appeal when a referendum is held on November 6th.

The date was announced today and comes several weeks after Attorney General Steadroy Benjamin revealed at a retirement ceremony held for CCJ President Sir Denis Byron, that he was given instructions to proceed with plans for the referendum.

This is government’s second attempt at a referendum. The first was stalled during the education campaign more than a year ago. The Opposition United Progressive Party has been blamed for stalling the process due to certain concerns they expressed regarding constitutional reform.

As plans commence for a new round of public education, government has hinted that it is moving ahead with or without the opposition’s involvement.

Ambassador Lionel ‘Max’ Hurst.

Last month, Prime Minister Gaston Browne made a fresh appeal for Antiguans and Barbudans to lend their support to the transition.

He defended the regional court headquartered in Trinidad, and is persuading the public to make the CCJ this country’s final court of appeal over the London based Privy Council.


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