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NODS: Stay Away From Sea

Monday 5th March, 2018 –The head of the National Office of Disaster Service is warning citizens and residents against venturing into the sea as the island experiences unusual sea conditions.

Climatologist Dale Destin writing on his blog detailed that A gigantic low-pressure system, nicknamed windmageddon, due to widespread damage and power outages it caused across the Northeast United States, has caused Swellmageddon, because the low-pressure area will cause enormous, dangerous and destructive sea swells that will wreak havoc on the shorelines of Antigua and much of the Caribbean.

From Guyana to Trinidad and Tobago and islands between have witnessed strong waves that have caused damage in some parts.

NODS Director, Philmore Mullin says persons should stay clear of the sea.

Mr. Mullin stated though it is unusual, Antigua has witnessed such conditions before.

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