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NODS  responds to flood response criticism

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The Director of the National Office of Disaster Services (NODS) Philmore Mullin is clearing the air after receiving complaints about the slow process of recovery assistance following the floods three weeks ago.

NODS, which is in charge of disaster management in Antigua and Barbuda, is being accused of dragging its feet in some areas with regard to the distribution of supplies.

During the torrential rainfall, many households were flooded and residents lost furnishings and appliances as a result. NODS is seeking to assist by replacing some of these items.

Mullin says that distribution and assessment of properties is an ongoing process and his office, unfortunately, has not yet been able to respond to all the people who have sought help.

“This is an ongoing process and unfortunately we just simply can’t meet everybody at the same time,” Mullin said.

He says that in the Grays/Green community alone has received significant resources including beds and other household items.

Mullin added that NODS is delivering the items. This, he said, is being undertaken by a volunteer group while NODS conducts its assessments.

“We [at NODS] try our endeavour best not to do direct delivery because it defeats the purpose. The persons who would have actually gone and done the assessments, they would know exactly what they saw and they will have conversations in some cases with the persons who are impacted, and so they bring that information in, the information is put together and the relief supplies go back through them or through someone acting on their behalf,” Mullin explained.

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