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NODS Moves in on Barrymore Hotel Residents

Thursday 8th November, 2018-The National Office of Disaster Services (NODS) has intensified efforts to vacate rooms at the Barrymore Hotel that have been occupied by both Antiguans and Barbudans.

Personnel from NODS, the Public Works Department and the Police visited the hotel this morning to ensure that individuals living on the western and southern sides of the property vacate the areas.

They have the option to move to other areas on the compound that have been left vacant or move off the compound, which some will be doing. A few people have heeded the warning while others still remain.

The Public Works personnel have secured those properties that have been left vacant and those that will be vacated.

Director of NODS Philmore Mullin says this is an ongoing process and will continue until completed.

More than 60 people are occupying rooms at Barrymore Hotel, both Antiguans and Barbudans – some of whom have been occupying the space before Hurricane Irma in 2017. Some individuals are residing there having left Barbuda for Antigua to attend school, while others are on the mainland, having arrived to undergo training but did not return.

According to the director of NODS, a large percent of the people are illegal occupants who are employed, but living at Barrymore without any financial obligations dating back some 14 years in some instances.

Mr. Mullin describes the situation at Barrymore Hotel as untenable and wants a structured system to be implemented.

The NODS director revealed that in some cases, occupants extended invitations to others to take up residency on the property.

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