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No Official Funeral for Rick James

Thursday 27th September, 2018-Despite former Prime Minister, Sir Lester Bird advocating for an official funeral for George Rick James, government says such a request will not be honoured.

Sir Lester, in a letter dated 25th September, 2018 to Cabinet, penned in part, “Your kind consideration is hereby sought in recognizing the worth of the late George Rick James, an Antiguan whose life’s work in the areas of culture, the Arts, Theatre and most worthy, his work in highlighting and upholding Democracy in our state.”

In making the case for the official funeral, He detailed that “Rick James may not have held public office, but he certainly has done yeoman’s service in the areas mentioned especially electoral consciousness and reform,” adding that “George Rick James deserves to be honored by his government for his many services to our country especially in the area of electoral oversight.”

Yesterday, the request was examined and it was decided that no such request will be granted.

Instead, it was revealed that government will provide financial assistance to the James family to assist with funeral arrangements. The amount is unknown.

George Rick James passed away on Monday, reportedly from multiple organ failure. He is being remembered for his contributions to culture, and for pushing the envelope in the area of electoral reform in Antigua and Barbuda.


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