No Major Injuries in Queen Elizabeth Highway Accident


Wednesday 27th March, 2019-The five people involved in a two vehicle accident this morning have escaped serious injuries.

An ambulance heading to Mount St. John’s Medical Centre slammed into a silver Toyota Rav 4, A 2339 shortly before 10 AM.

The emergency vehicle was descending ‘hospital hill’, when it slammed into the Toyota Rav 4 driven by Clifton Joseph of Liberta Village. He was at the time making a right on to Queen Elizabeth Highway from Parliament Drive.

Who is at fault for the accident is unclear, but the ambulance slammed into the left side of the Rav 4 before pushing it off the road into a lamppost. The emergency vehicle then jumped the curb and slammed into a flamboyant tree.

Head of the EMS Shawn Greenidge told POINTE FM’s Nightly News that the occupants of the ambulance sustained only minor injuries. EMTs Daawuud, Gardner and Alfred received bruises and one, a laceration to the neck. Two of the EMTs are expected to be released from hospital. One will remain warded for observation, since he is complaining of pains in the neck. They were transporting a 24 year-old epileptic patient, who was having a “violent seizure” at the time of the accident Mr. Greenidge reported. He too sustained bruises, likely from the belts that were restraining him in the ambulance.

As for the driver of the Toyota Rav 4, Clifton Joseph, he initially refused medical assistance, but eventually agreed to be transported to the hospital. He is being kept of observation and is expected to be released sometime this evening.

The Head of the EMS Mr. Shawn Greenidge is appealing to motorists to pay attention when emergency vehicles are navigating the roadways, so as to avoid accidents.

The number of ambulances in the government’s fleet now stands at 5, with ‘Medic 4’ out of commission.

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