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NLA’s First Anniversary ‘Exhibition in the Park’ a success.

The Exhibition held on Sunday by the National Livestock Association (NLA) to celebrate its first Anniversary was dubbed ‘a success’.

The Botanical Gardens was transformed into a ‘Mini livestock/poultry Farm’ where members of the general public, including children, came out to view the variety of animals and chickens that were on display, to include small and large ruminants, which are mainly meat breeds.

Expressions of excitement and awe were registered on the faces of those viewing the Feather foot chickens, senseh fowl, huge Pigs, rabbits massive Bulls and Goats, the latter two, which could easily tip the scale at 1600 and 350 lbs respectively.

President of the NLA, Mr. Emmanuel Peters said that the event was organized to bring a greater awareness of the association’s presence in Antigua and Barbuda and the high quality of animals that exist among local livestock farmers.

“It’s like a coming out to the general public; letting everybody know that we have a livestock association and we have very good quality animals that we are developing into larger herds, hopefully to one day sustain the local demands and decrease imports,” Peters stated.

The NLA President said that 90 percent of the animals that were on display were produced by the National Livestock Association members.

The NLA Vice President Mr. Wentworth Matthew said that one of the most impressive displays at yesterday afternoon’s ‘Exhibition in the Park,’ was the goats.

“The different breeds that we have ; we have the Boer, we have the Savanna we have the local breed as well and we are trying to mix them, so when you mix them,  you will get different breeds from time to time and try to produce healthier meats for the whole of Antigua and Barbuda,” Matthew explained.


The NLA has a membership of about 30 farmers and both Peters and Matthew are appealing to more livestock farmers to join the group.

They say any legitimate livestock farmer who wants to advance his/her business can become a member.

According to Matthew, unity is strength and there are many benefits to becoming members of the association. The NLA meets every 2ndThursday, 7pm at the Ministry of Agriculture Headquarters. His number is 779-7359.

Mr. Peters meanwhile said although the response to the first event is encouraging, they are looking forward to even more support in future activities.

He paid gratitude to Abbott’s Farms and Minister of Agriculture, Hon Dean Jonas for supporting the event by making contributions to the winners.

The Best in Show Overall Trophy which was donated by Minister Jonas, was presented to Teddy Cornelius for his Dorper In-bred Sheep display, the Best Local Goat Trophy went to Byron Lee, Best Local Sheep Trophy went to Adrian Hall, the Best Cattle and Rabbit winner was Sherwyn Parker, Best Chicken went to Veneza Farms while the Best Pig Display went to Jason Roberts.

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