New Route For T-Shirt Mas

Thursday 21st June, 2018 –A new route has been announced for T-Shirt Mas this year as the Festivals’ Commission move ahead with the planning of Carnival 2018.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Minister responsible for Carnival, Daryl Matthew said discussions are being held on a new route for the annual summer festival. But while that remains ongoing, he announced that already, a decision has been taken for T-Shirt Mas.

Matthew said the new route will give spectators multiple viewing options, give revellers a wider area in which to enjoy themselves and increase safety for everyone.

Discussions had begun on using that very route for carnival Tuesday, but the Festivals’ Commission decided against moving forward and will use T-Shirt Mas to examine its practicality, with the intention of a change in 2019.

Minister Matthew says as they move ahead with the planning of the carnival 2018, the safety of all who participate in the festival is important and they are working along with the Special Forces to ensure that is the case.

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