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New Doctors Challenged to Raise Standard of Healthcare

Tuesday 29th May, 2018-The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Immigration, Hon. E.P Chet Greene, has laid out details of the government’s thrust to position Antigua and Barbuda as a destination not just for vacationing, but also as a major player in health tourism.

Details of this emerged when the minister addressed the latest additions to the medical fraternity; six doctors who recently graduated from universities in Cuba with medical degrees. He said part of the government’s mission is to build a platform for health tourism in Antigua and Barbuda.

He told the new doctors that they have a vital role to play to bring the country’s healthcare delivery system to a standard that when people go online to book vacations Antigua and Barbuda would be a natural pick because of the quality of its health care services.

“They would see that in Antigua and Barbuda the medical services are on par (with international standards) and booking a vacation in our country would almost become automatic. This however, depends on you! It depends on you giving quality service, not sometimes, but all the time,” Greene stated.

According to the minister the investment that the government has made and continues to make in the field of education is in recognition of the need to train nationals in various fields of endeavour, including health care. It also serves as a medium through which the government has been able to ‘bond’ with the youth of the country.

In addition, Minister Greene also wants nationals to strive to attain the commanding heights in whatever field of endeavour they are engaged. He said this goes for people in health, tourism, manufacturing or enterprise.


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