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National Security Minister Slams Police Following Escape of Prisoner

Wednesday 14th February, 2018 – The Attorney General and Minister of National Security is assuring the public that no effort will be spared in capturing Delano Forbes, the murder accused who escaped police custody on Monday.

It is now two days since the 23 year-old, shackled at the ankles, broke away from detectives who had transported him to Swetes Village as they continue to investigate several murders he allegedly committed.

The Hon. Steadroy Benjamin commenting on what is being described as an embarrassing situation for the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda said those responsible for the prisoner’s escape will be held accountable.

The minister of national security is now awaiting a report on Monday’s incident, following which he assures action will taken against the law enforcement officers for “gross dereliction of duty.”

Minister Steadroy Benjamin is appealing to the public to report to the police any sightings of Delano Forbes. He is also cautioning the citizenry against harbouring criminals.

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