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101 not out!  Ruth Adelaide Lewis, is celebrating her hundred and first birthday.

This places her among an exclusive group of centenarians and also makes her one of the oldest people in Antigua and Barbuda.

Lewis was born in Dominica on 28th October, 1921, to Antiguan and Barbudan parents who were living in the central Caribbean island.

In 1928, at age 7, she travelled to Antigua and Barbuda with her family where she remained for over ninety years.

She received her primary school education at the Point School where she attained her 7th Standard Certificate.

Whilst her family were staunch Methodists, Lewis took a liking to the teachings of the Salvation Army and eventually became a member.

At age 24, she journeyed to Jamaica to study at the Salvation Army Garrison. Upon the completion of her education, she was posted in Trinidad and Tobago where she was active for several years before returning home where she remained active in the Salvation Army Corps.

She would go on to marry Alfred Lewis, who would later become the Salvation Army’s bandmaster.

Their union produced seven children.

Lewis found employment as a cashier at Ross Mercer’s store before leaving to join a company started by her brother, Marcus Christopher, the well-known entrepreneur and cultural icon.

She also served for many years as a leader in the Salvation Army Girls Guide movement.

Many of those she trained went on to be awarded for their successful participation in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

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