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MSJMC Responds to Statements on Asot Michael’s Visit

Official Statement MSJMC:

We the members of the MSJMC staff feel the need to respond to the article published by the Antigua Newsroom last evening as it relates to the treatment received by the MP for St. Peters, Asot Michael.
In summary, the article stated that the patient (MP Asot Michael) was rushed to the hospital suffering from chest pain and difficulty breathing. It further stated that he waited for 30 minutes in the hallway and received no attention from the ER staff. We would like to set the record straight.
First, we categorically deny that entire report as stated. Around 6:15pm last evening, the Medical Director received a call that MP Asot Michael was being rushed to the hospital. The staff in the ER was notified and two (2) physicians were asked to be on alert for the arrival of the ambulance. Next, the consultant for medicine was contacted to respond to the emergency and he also prepared and started on his way to the hospital.
MP Michael arrived by ambulance at 6:27pm and entered the emergency room on his phone. He then refused to be seen by the doctors in the ER and demanded he be taken to a private room upstairs. He was told that an evaluation had to be completed in the ER prior to admission. He then proceeded to verbally abuse the staff with profanities and demanded the EMS to take him back home. He left the ER via wheelchair at 6:35pm via ambulance; a mere 6 minutes spent in the ER.
At 10:27pm, the Medical Director was called again and advised that MP Michael would like to return to the hospital for care since the private medical facility was not willing to take him. MSJMC agreed to accept him upon return with the clear understanding that the rules of the hospital will be applied equally across the board irrespective of anyone’s status in society.
We at MSJMC have made great strides as it relates to patients and their care. The procedures are designed to create an environment of safety first and all patients must be triaged so that sick patients can be cared for in a timely and appropriate manner. We are very proud of the efforts made by the medical team in the ER as they professionally undertake the awesome responsibility in managing patients requiring emergency care.
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