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More Protection for Minors Unwilling to Testify

by Pointe FM'S Editor
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Thursday 4th October, 2018-Government is moving swiftly in attempting to close loopholes that exist in law that may not be protecting minors who are unwilling to testify in court.

As a result of the recent outcome of a rape case that was before the High Court, where the accused man walked free because the female minor refused to testify, a sub-committee has been established to “examine further any changes to the law that would cure the deficiency.”

The committee will meet shortly to begin the process.

Attorney General Steadroy Benjamin, the Hon. Samantha Marshall, Minister of Social Transformation and Minister of State within the Ministry of Legal Affairs, the Hon. Maria Bird-Browne are the members of the sub-committee.

The accused walking free has sparked outrage in sectors of society, including from women’s organizations.

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