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Mock Election Cannot Be Used As Yardstick

Friday, 16th February, 2018 – Barbadian pollster, Peter Wickham says the recent mock poll organized by the Free and Fair Elections League is not scientific and should not be cause for celebration.

The results of the mock poll conducted last week was released yesterday and declared the United Progressive Party winner of the exercise.

The Free and Fair Election League says 797 persons participated in the mock election.

Of that number, the UPP garnered 531 votes and the Antigua Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) 157 votes. The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) 53 votes, the Antigua and Barbuda True Labour Party (ABTLP) 5, and the Barbuda People’s Movement (BPM) got 7 votes, while the Antigua Barbuda People’s Movement (ABPM) secured 3 votes.

Commenting on the results, Peter Wickham says there are several issues with the mock election and as such, it is not a true reflection of the mind of the nation.

Wickham cautions that persons should not be lured into believing that the mock election is a reflection of what is taking place in Antigua at this moment.

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