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Mobile Number Portability Yet To Be Achieved

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Mobile Number Portability is approximately two years away.

Last September, Telecommunications Minister Melford Nicholas said the first order of business was an analysis that should have been undertaken, involving the telecommunications companies on island.

Back then, he confirmed there were no project schedules or timelines, but assured work had commenced and his ministry is committed to seeing it to the end.

On Wednesday, three expert consultants, recruited by the Ministry responsible for Technology, to advise the Cabinet of the steps to be taken in order to bring about “number portability” in Antigua and Barbuda, joined the Cabinet by Zoom to advise on the approximate cost which the 3 firms in the Antigua and Barbuda telecommunications market would likely be required to expend, in order to make the technology workable. 

Mobile Number Portability enables consumers to keep their mobile telephone numbers when switching from one phone service provider to another.  


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