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Ministry of Education Tasked with Devising Plan to Tackle Loitering

Thursday 27th September, 2018-The Ministry of Education has been given the task to examine a policy that will be successful in deterring students from loitering in the city after school hours.

This, as the Director of Education, Clare Browne this week appealed to parents to do more in ensuring their children remain off the streets at the end of the school day.

Mr. Browne said the ministry is aware of the trend and he is advocating for loitering to be made a criminal offence and parents to be held accountable.

His pronouncement has drawn mixed reaction from the general public.


Now Cabinet has asked the Ministry of Education to devise a plan, since the suggestion by the director of education is “likely to offend constitutional guarantees”.

 Government’s Chief of staff also addressed the enforcement of regulations once a policy is implemented.


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