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Meeting to Examine Policy for Loitering will Explore Several Possibilities

Monday 1st October, 2018-The Minister of Social Transformation has indicated that a committee that will look into the issue of students loitering at the end of the school day will explore several possibilities.

Cabinet last week tasked the Ministry of Education with examining a policy that can be successfully implemented to deter students from loitering in the commercial sector of the city.

Speaking on the Browne and Browne show at the weekend, the Hon. Samantha Marshall s aid the committee is expected to hold its first meeting this week.

Last week, Director of Education, Clare Browne highlighted that Truancy Officers had no power in dealing with students and loitering, as the Education Act does not make provisions for it.

But the social transformation minister declared that discussions during the proposed meeting can address the likelihood of broadening the responsibilities of truancy officers.

Minister Marshall does not subscribe to loitering being made a criminal offence. Therefore, the onus is on parents she stated to do more for their children.

Minister of Social transformation, the Hon. Samantha Marshall.


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