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Martins Village Shooter Remanded on Three Charges

Thursday 16th June, 2019-The man who shot a 19 year old in Martins Village earlier this week was remanded to prison today following an appearance in court.

Rasdolvan Phillip who goes by the alias “Shatta Ratta” was slapped with three charges; shooting with intent to murder, possession of a .45 pistol and possession of five .45 rounds of ammunition.

On Monday evening, Phillip allegedly shot and injured 19 yr-old Devonte Harris of Martins Village, following an altercation at a bar.

According to reports, during the argument, Phillip left the scene and returned with a firearm, which he discharged, hitting the 19 year old. Devonte Harris was rushed to hospital and was admitted as a patient of MSJMC.


The perpetrator was quickly apprehended by the police who were nearby, when the shooting took place.

Rasdolvan Phillip returns to court on 10th September, 2019, when committal proceedings are set to begin.

The attempted murder charge means if he intends to apply for main, Phillip must petition a High Court Judge, since a magistrate has no jurisdiction to consider such a request.



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