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Margaret Myrtle McCarty Peters is 103 today!

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Margaret Myrtle McCarty Peters is a member of a very rare club, the Centenarians Club of Antigua and Barbuda.

Today, 16th April, Peters turns one hundred and three years old, an even rarer feat as not too many members live on to celebrate multiple birthdays after joining the club. 

The day’s event will be marked in an unusual manner because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its accompanying restrictions. But family members and others, including Governor General, Sir Rodney Williams, Social Transformation Minister, Dean Jonas, as well as officials from the Ministry of Social Transformation will express congratulations by virtual means.

Peters was the last of four children for her parents Jane Ame Louisa Dumbar McCarty and Theophilus William McCarty. She married Samuel Milton Peters of Grays Farm. She never had any children of her own, but she is said to have mothered many children as she raised children up to the fourth generation. She was a very hard worker. She was a housewife who usually carried milk on her head from Green Castle to Grays Farm and Whenner Road. She was later call the ‘milk lady.’ She was still seen working in her yard up her yard up to age ninety-nine years. 

She is said to be a God fearing person who participated in many functions in her church. She was Sunday School teacher, choir member, Mother’s Union member, and stewardship member. 

She was born 16th April 1918.

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