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Man Caught Shipping Cocaine Via Fedex

Friday, 9th February, 2018 – A Herberts resident is detained by police this evening after he was caught trying to send cocaine using the courier service of Fedex on High Street in St. John’s.

Police say 31 year-old Vivian Christian went to Fedex on Wednesday with a package, which he intended to ship to Ontario, Canada. Police say during a routine check of the package, it was discovered that it contained cocaine. The illicit drug was found concealed in a souvenir magazine of Antigua.

Employees at Fedex notified the police, but Christian fled the office after realizing what was taking place.

The package was seized and taken by police.

Vivian Christian was apprehended by police on Friday. The drugs, according to police, weighed 164.7grams, approximately 6 ounces and have a street value of $ 5,765.

Christian is expected to be charged with several drug offences.

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