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Major Relief for Struggling Businesses

Friday 2nd March, 2018 – Government has announced a major bailout package it intends to offer to local businesses that encountered financial issues during the former administration’s governance of the country.

Speaking to a packed audience of business owners, the diplomatic community and guests at the launch of his party’s manifesto on Friday, Prime Minister Gaston Browne says the offering will enable those businesses to recover in more ways than one.

Mr. Browne underscored the need for the private sector to be “incentivized”, and one way in which that will be done is through his government’s review of the Corporate Income Tax.

The ABLP’s 2018 Manifesto “Vision 2023 and Beyond” is a 62 page coloured magazine that outlines the party’s plans and programmes for the next five years. The prime minister stated there is a plethora of plans and programmes that are all expected to come to fruition when the ABLP receives a new mandate.

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