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Majah Hype’s estranged wife accuses him of abuse

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Brooklyn based Caribbean comedian Majah Hype, who’s real name is Colin Nigel McPherson, has served a niche market for years, crafting skits on social media that appeal to the English-speaking West Indian community.

 His fans were plunged into shock and disbelief over abuse allegations made against him by his wife.

McPherson’s wife, whose name is Latisha, according to Urban Islandz.com, took to Instagram Live this week to share a disturbing account of what her marriage with McPherson was like for several years.

Latisha, who was at times tearful, described the abusive relationship with him. She accused the Grenada-born artist of abusing her on multiple occasions. Apologising to her family and friends for alienating them as she tried to hide bruises, she also claimed that McPherson would threaten to harm himself after episodes of abuse. 

His wife also accused him of using his massive social media following to attack her and undermine her claims of abuse by countering that she had affairs outside of their union. 

She said her Instagram post revealing all was the first step in reclaiming her life and ending the abuse. 

Majah Hype gained popularity as a comedian and social media star in 2012 after he started making sketches poking fun at Caribbean culture and people

Last week, Majah was hospitalised in Atlanta and revealed to fans he had suffered a mild heart attack.

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