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Lovell Downplays UPP’s Inexperience

Friday 9th March, 2018 – The Leader of the Opposition United Progressive Party has brushed aside claims that the current make-up of its slate of candidates wreaks of inexperience.

With the exception of leader Harold Lovell and his Deputy Wilmoth Daniel, almost all of the remaining UPP’s candidates are newcomers to the political arena.

Though many are of the opinion that the team’s make up is not strong enough to stand up against the Antigua/Barbuda Labour Party, Mr. Lovell speaking on state television this morning believes his team’s inexperience isn’t an obstacle for the party.

Last month, a poll conducted by Peter Wickham of CADRES revealed that if an election were to be called then, the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party would be returned to office. But the UPP leader has questioned the survey’s credibility. He says from their assessment, the UPP will form the next government.

During the mock elections held by the Free and Fair Elections League, the ABLP encouraged its supporters not to participate in the process. ABLP officials dismissed the mock election, stating that unscientific polls are of no interest to the ABLP, as they are not a true reflection of the mind of the nation.


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