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Long Serving ABS Employee Passes Away

Thursday 7th February, 2019-A long serving employee of State Television ABS has died.

Cortwright Grant passed away today following a brief period of illness.

Grant served ABS for decades in several positions, and was Deputy Director, Technical Services at the time of his passing.

According to reports, Grant was on duty last Sunday, when he complained of feeling unwell. The ambulance was summoned and he was transported to hospital where he remained warded until yesterday when he was discharged and sent home.


It is unclear if he fell ill again, but reports are he died around mid-morning today.

Cortwright Grant would have celebrated his 57th birthday on Sunday 10th January, 2019.

Director of Technical Services at ABS, Trevor Parker said though everyone knew Grant was ailing his death has still come as a shock. Mr. Parker described him as hard working and punctual. He said Grant became an ABS employee in 1979 and moved through the ranks, even serving as deputy station manager.


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