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Lifestyle Choices Responsible for Prevalence of Non-Communicable Diseases

Wednesday 14th November, 2018-The Minister of Health and Wellness is reporting that based on statistics seven out of every ten deaths in Antigua and Barbuda are as a result of non-communicable diseases.

Minister Molwyn Joseph was speaking on the occasion of World Diabetes Day today.

According to the Mayo Clinic, “Diabetes mellitus refers to a group of diseases that affect how your body uses blood sugar (glucose). Glucose is vital to your health because it’s an important source of energy for the cells that make up your muscles and tissues. It’s also your brain’s main source of fuel. The underlying cause of diabetes varies by type. But, no matter what type of diabetes you have, it can lead to excess sugar in your blood. Too much sugar in your blood can lead to serious health problems.”

The Minister of Health Wellness and the Environment says Diabetes and other non-communicable diseases are prevalent as a result of the lifestyle choices some people are making.

Minister Molwyn Joseph appealing to students to manage their health.

The minister emphasized the need for greater commitment on the part of Antiguans and Barbudans in significantly reducing the high number of people afflicted with diabetes.

The WHO estimates that the number of people with Diabetes in the Americas was 62 million in 2012. According to the Diabetes Atlas, the number of people with diabetes will reach the 109 million mark by 2040.

In 2015 Health Expenditures for diabetes in the Americas were estimated at $382.6 billion (or 12-14% of health budget) and this number will increase to $445.6 billion by 2040.


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